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        1. incontinencecare丨dr.pDr.P

          Dr. P, started in 1995 in Taiwan, China, is a pioneer in the field of incontinence in China. Since then, he has become a well-known incontinence caring brand in Asia, providing professional incontinence care products for consumers in many regions of Asia. In Taiwan, he is also in a leading position.

          Since the development of Dr.P, the product line has been constantly bringing forth new products. Up to now, it has launched a variety of products in the four categories of AiO, Pants, 2PSs and underpad, many of which have been recognized by the industry and trusted by consumers. In 2017, the brand was jointly recommended by 46 institutions and more than 100 nursing professionals. In 2019 and 2020, Dr.P's night AiO won the "Golden Wheat Award".




          ? Designed for moderate and heavy incontinence patients who are bedridden or have difficulty to move. Basing on the body’s circadian rhythm, Dr.P day/night AiO provides you with superior care 24/7. The day-time use product keeps the urine locked in core, letting users free from worry all the day. The night-time use product has the high-performance leakage barriers, ensure users all night good sleep.



          ? Provide protection for all incontinence patients; elastic strap provided for easy use; gentle, soft and dry top-sheet offers extra protection and keeps skin healthy; used with elastic pant or elastic band which could provide comfortable fit and easy to change.


          ?Provide protection for all incontinence patients; underpad is designed to cover mattress and reduce excessive laundry; wet wipe is designed to offer gentle and convenient cleanness.



          ? Designed for moderate incontinence patients who have no difficulty to move; easy to change as underwear; snug fitting and secured; offer the individual softness and comfortable experience.

          • Mainland, China
          • Taiwan, China


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