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        1. 新logo.pngVinda

          Born in 1985, Vinda brand is committed to providing high quality hygiene products and services for consumers. In 1989, Vinda launched the first napkin made with 100% imported virgin wood pulp in domestic market and then strives to provide high-quality household tissue products for Chinese consumers. Vinda brand has expanded its assortment from core tissue at the beginning of its establishment to coreless rolls, softpack, wet wipes and household cleaning products, etc. and is famous for best-selling products such as the Ultra-strong series and Classic Blue series. According to Kantar consumer index, Vinda brand enjoys the biggest market share in Chinese tissue market for 6 consecutive years since 2015. Vinda brand has earned the trust of hundreds of millions of consumers by more than 30 years’ of continuous innovation and progress.


          Deluxe series

          Vinda Deluxe, a new generation of premium embossing tissue is now available. Royal tonality of Deluxe is noble and romantic. Using advanced design with Orb ball, Deluxe makes an amazing progress.

          As it used 4D-Deco Technology , the skin-friendly tissue’s cotton-like softness and excellent strength give you rest-assured and enjoyable experience with every touch

          Ultra Strong series

          Ultra Strong series:

          ?Made from quality wood pulp, the Ultra-strong series provides improved surface softness with no loss in strength. The 3-ply wet but strong tissue can even hold goldfish. Its elegant blue package and the vivid Barberton daisy on it gives you premium user experience. 

          Classic Blue

          Classic Blue:

          ?The cool and solid blue color distinguishes the classic among our products. The use of quality wood pulp, the excellent proportion of long and short fiber, the smooth and strong texture as well as the outstanding wet strength has made Vinda’s Classic Blue roll an exceptional series which gives you the best care in your pursuit of quality life and products.

          Gentle&Strong  series

          Gentle&Strong series:

          ·Inspired by the daisy growing in Mediterranean sunshine on Apennine Peninsula, our Gentle & Strong series uses 100% quality virgin wood pulp and advanced 3D-DECO embossing technology to ensure the softness and smoothness. This series best serves your skin protection and health needs. 

          Baby series

          Baby series:

          ·Give your baby gentle protection on every inch of his/her skin is the best representation of your love. The brand new baby series of Vinda uses 100% quality virgin wood pulp and advanced manufacturing craft to provide premium smoothness and best care for your baby. 

          Xtra Strong series

          Xtra Strong series:

          ?The exquisite and fashionable signature packaging design of Vinda’s Xtra Strong series is a work of art that fuses vivid and solid colors as well as sweet and elegant look. With the perfect combination of long fiber and short fiber, this series utilizes a ground-breaking double-layered softening technique to achieve extra strength and smoothness. Characterized by its extra strength, smoothness and high quality, the Xtra Strong series will bring enjoyment and grace to stylish people pursuing individuality.



          ?Our upgraded Heavy series rolls with improved quality suits you best! 

          √ Brand new colorful and eye-catching packaging
          √ Great combination of thickness and comfort, a smart choice for your comfort
          √ 100% quality virgin wood pulp
          √ Elastic and strong without paper dust
          √ Trustworthy Quality

          Feel series

          Feel series:

          ?Feel series under the brand Vinda targets at younsters. It represents brave and young, conveys a pursuit of creativity and stylish life.

          Cotton soft series

          Cotton soft series:

          ?The improved Cotton Soft Series is characterized From “The Pleasant Goat” to “SpongeBob,”. The illustrious track record of Vinda’s Cotton Soft Series has been further bolstered, as the cartoon characters employed in its design continue to win love of consumers. 

          ?The latest improved version of Cotton Soft Series features brand new cartoon characters in novel designs to complement its ultra softness that pampers children’s delicate skin with care. A fond companion for the kids and a premium product that Mommies could count on.

          Wet Wipes

          Wet Wipes:

          ?The new and improved Vinda antibacteria wipes kills 99.9% of germs in lab test. It continues to work and reduce residual activity to near zero. The wipes are made from raw materials which meet food grade standards and are safe to use.

          Baby wet wipes

          Baby wet wipes:

          ?The new and improved Vinda baby wet wipes contain aloe extract which nourishes baby’s sensitive skin. With low acidity, these alcohol-free products have passed skin irritation test and are safe to use. High quality non-woven fabrics were used to produce the wipes, making them thick and tough and yet give you extra softness. Provide natural care for your baby everyday! 



          ?Vinda HHT category devote to simplify kitchen and home-care for women so that they can accomplish their aspirations. With the new drop-embossing, it has excellent absorption. It not only can safely absorb the water and oil on food, but also can be used for wipes of utensils, plates, mirror and so on.


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          • Hong Kong SAR, China
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